Mothguts New England Tour: April 10-12

Gonna be tight.

mothguts 2013 tour

Confirmed dates so far:

Thursday April 10
Weslyan Univesrity
Email or FB message for details.

***We’re still looking to fill Friday April 11, in or around Boston. Can anyone help?***

Saturday April 12
Distant Castle
Worchester, MA
Email or FB message for details.

Not for nuthin’, the much sought-after Mothguts CD box sets The Complete Works 2005-2010 will be on hand!

Go Sox,


Mike Noordzy Bio

Mike Noordzy, bassist, contra alto clarinetist and founder of Nacht Records, born 8/5/1981 in San Diego CA, raised on Staten Island NY/Central NJ. Studied upright bass with Mike Richmond, WIlliam Parker and Kenny Davis and holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in jazz performance from the Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. He’s worked with artists like Lesley Gore, Tony Tedesco, Jacko Monahan, the Coasters, Jimmy and the Parrots, Blaise Siwula, Outer Bridge Ensemble, Steve Bernstein, Herb Robertson, William Parker, Daniel Carter, Vic Ruggerio from the Slackers, and host of tri-state area bar/wedding type bands. He also has several of his own bands like Mothguts, Intense Men, Mofodishu, El Noordzo, and the Golden Boyz. In 2011 he founded Nacht records, a digital independent record label specializing in experimental music. To contact Mike email

Friendly Knowledge on BMG’s Fieldhouse Music


Let’s congratulate Nacht artist Aaron Hochman AKA Friendly Knowlwdge on landing a sweet deal with Fieldhouse Music, a film and TV licensing firm! Apparently A-Hoc will still be able to release music on his own and with Nacht, which is a good deal for us as well as him. Dig the press release on Fieldhouse’s blog.

While you’re at it, FK is on FB. And if you want a little background on this legendary man, you should totally listen to his interview on our podcast. And download some damn rekkids:



Merry Xmas

Howdy Campers! Hope you’re enjoying your holiday season or whatever, if you need some nice Xmas sounds I strongly recommend a very Special Mothguts Xmas which can be downloaded for FREE!










In other Nachty news, the mighty William Hooker has a new duo record out with pianist Mark Hennen, it’s totally burning, buy it now!


and William has a killer show at the Knitting Factory January 9th Brooklyn NY with Mike Noordzy, Matt Lavelle, Tom Zlabinger, Larry Roland and many more heavy NY improvisers.

Nacht Podcast #2: Jon Francis

Nacht Podcast #2: Jon Francis

Mike and Jon discuss the finer points of Rush -the band and the 90’s movie.

Nacht Podcast #1: Aaron Hochman of Friendly Knowledge

Podcast 1: Aaron Hochman of Friendly Knowledge

Mike Noordzy kicks off the Nacht podcast with a wide-ranging conversation with electronic producer/composer/performer Aaron Hochman of Friendly Knowledge.

Steve Honoshowsky in Modern Drummer

Greetings from Dr. Nacht.

Keep an eye out for the June issue of Modern Drummer magazine, available on May 1st, for an article of our own Steve Honoshowsky¬†and his collaborative percussion project, Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick, Steve is in the process of assembling vol.3 and it’ll be a bad motha-shut yo mouth, with guest drummers like Billy Martin (Medeski Martin and Wood) and Weasel Walter (Behold the Arctopus, the Flying Luttenbachers).