MOFODiSHU (moe-foe-dee-shu) is a noise/drone/ambient/improv/jazz trio from NJ. Formed in early 2009, Mof consists of three (or 4)like minded improvisers/sound generators:

Mike Noordzy – contra alto clarinet, Bb clarinet and obobaphone (a homemade oboe/snake charmer like instrument).
Bradley Karl – guitar, voice, bells, whistles, analog noise.
Chris Welcome – guitar.
Max Ross – laptop, turntable.

The sound exists in three definable, constantly evolving layers: acoustic (Mike), analog (Brad or Chris) and digital (Max). The group would count artists like Merzbow, Wolf Eyes, the Emeralds, John Zorn and Peter Brotzmann amongst it’s primary influences, though their sound is certainly one unto their own.